Marketing Consultancy and Planning

I’m always wary of putting a label on this part of what I do. The word “Consultant” often conjures up images of highly detailed but largely impractical reports, high fees, extra work for you before you see results, etc.

For “Consultancy” read “Time” because the reality is that marketing consultancy from Kudos is about allocating time that’s focused on delivering real-world solutions to important marketing and business challenges. Things like understanding where your business is now, where you want to get to and how marketing activity can help bridge that gap. And what will it cost, who does what, and when. Is the product range right or are we missing opportunities? Are there more markets available to us or do we need to change the mix of customers we have – and if so, how?

Where to start?

Very often, the starting point for engagement is a Marketing Health Check which provides a solid foundation and clear direction for your business. Whatever the starting point you choose, it’s important that we quickly define your objectives, develop a marketing strategy and build a marketing plan that will move your business towards those objectives.

Flexible and tailored to your needs

Every business has a unique mix of resources, challenges, opportunities and objectives. So, the marketing services I provide are tailored to meet your specific requirements. For some, that will require a regular allocation of time to deal with ongoing marketing support, taking full responsibility for the marketing function. For others that may mean working on defined projects, such as redeveloping and providing the content for a website, managing a product launch or a complete re-branding exercise.

Need someone to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in?

If you need a cost-effective B2B marketing specialist, experienced in engineering and technology with the ability to take full responsibility for all of your marketing needs then give me a call on 01425 206346 or email