Outsourced Marketing Services

Get the guidance and expertise you need – just when you need it

There is a common dilemma for many small and medium sized businesses. You need the expertise of a senior marketing professional to strengthen your management team; someone who thoroughly understands your business. The problem is, you don’t have the need for that person all day, every day. The costs are just too high to employ someone and engaging a marketing agency can be hugely expensive while not delivering the level of engagement, commitment or deep understanding that your business really needs.

The solution: engage me as your outsourced marketing manager

As a highly experienced marketer, I can provide all the expertise, outsourced marketing services and project management that you need at a fraction of the cost of engaging an agency or employing a marketing manager.

Instil marketing professionalism and make the most of your budget

If marketing is an area of the business that you know you should address but haven’t then you need a plan. Generating a coherent plan, based on an agreed and appropriate marketing strategy, is the best way to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective way. I can develop the strategy and write a detailed marketing plan for you.

Planning isn’t everything

Having a plan is a fundamental requirement but it’s only part of the way to an effective solution. There are many ways to implement a plan and without someone looking out for your interests, budgets can quickly be absorbed in fees, commissions or ineffective implementations. This is where I can make the most of the budget you have; negotiating the best rates on your behalf, differentiating between the opportunities that will generate response from those that simply waste your budget, and ensuring that you make the most of the free or low cost activities that often get missed by you or overlooked by agencies as they don’t generate additional revenues for them.

Flexibility is key

Getting the most out of a limited budget is all about thinking strategically while implementing creatively. That calls for a dynamic plan that respects your objectives but evolves as opportunities arise and business conditions change. I will always provide my time and services to suit the needs of your business, not mine. I’m in this for the long term and the best way to achieve that is to help deliver success for you.

Working with an Outsourced Marketing Manager (me in particular) delivers many benefits:

  • Experience – get high level consultation but only pay for the time you actually need
  • Expertise – I have delivered every kind of marketing activity exclusively for Business-to-Business clients in markets just like yours
  • Flexibility – use me as and when you need for projects or ongoing support
  • Commitment – when you engage me you are adding a new team member, not simply engaging a sub-contractor. I work in your best interests at all times
  • Results-focused – I never forget that for me to be successful it is first necessary for you to be successful

Call 01425 206346, contact us here or email david@kudosmarketing.com to find out more about our outsourced marketing services.